Sunday, May 24, 2015


Good Sunday morning!  My weight loss for this week was 1.8 pounds.

Church last week had an Expo and they had some snack foods I should have not eaten, but I did and it showed in my weight, but overall I am thrilled with my weight.  This is the lowest weight I have been on this weight loss journey.

This week I have decided to challenge myself on some walks/hikes that I have not been doing, because I was making an excuse that I could not do early mornings.  YES I CAN!

Mari graduated on Monday and I made overall good choices when we went out to dinner.  Most of the walks I did, except for Friday, when we were having maybe rain and I was sick with a cold and decided to rest.  I use essential oils and they are awesome.  Mari and I did a 5 mile walk on Saturday in Irvine and the Thursday walk was also 5 miles.  I treated myself on Thursday to frozen yogurt.


Sunday-fish with rice and broccoli, lemongrass and basil

Monday-turkey chili with turkey bacon

Tuesday-fish burritos

Wednesday-chicken with mushrooms, rice and spinach

Thursday-chicken curry with noodles, cilantro and mint.

Friday-Turkey Burgers with white cheese

Saturday-Salsa Chicken with rice and vegetables


Sunday-Walk at Dana Point

Monday-Secret Stairs walk in Los Angeles

Tuesday-Walk in Irvine

Wednesday-Walk at Balboa

Thursday-Walk in Irvine

Friday-I will walk, just not sure where

Saturday-Not walking

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Keeping up and learning all the time

Overall the weekend was not good!  I am really learning that I need to stay on a structured schedule, but give myself some grace for when things happen.  On Saturday, Mari and I did go for ice cream at Salt and Straw in Los Angeles and on Sunday, I overate and the weight reflected it.  Starting Monday, I was back on track.

On Monday, Mari's graduating class had a get together and her teacher brought food, which I overall stayed away from, with the exception of grapes.  We did go out for dinner and I made a wise choice in having salmon, rice and a salad and I did have gelato, but I still lost some weight.

Tuesday was mainly a day at home and being good with food.  We did get a walk of about 5 miles with our Tuesday night walking group.  I was feeling hungry after the walk and slightly light headed, so I wanted to get some protein.  Mari wanted to stop at Starbuck's for a refresher and I got a reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich, which was about 230 calories.  This seemed to help.

I have learned that many times when I put on weight from not eating according to plan; once I get back on my structured food plan, the weight comes off until I get to where I have been in the past and then we come to a screeching halt and that is currently what is going on.  The girls and I went to try a coffee/tea place that I had read about and then we went to Whole Foods to their salad and hot food bar, which I love.  The rest of the day has been good and I did take a walk.  Now I am starting to hit the part of the week when food goes downhill, but this week has been a different schedule, so that may help.

Thursday was good and the weight has been continuing to go down. Friday, instead of a salad, I did a wrap from Starbuck's.  I have not been able to do a walk the last couple of days due to the rain. Overall, this has been a good week.   Saturday, Mari and I went down to Torrey Pines to do a walk.  My food was good all day!  This week I lost 1.4 pounds over the last week.

Dinner Menu for the week

Sunday-a mixture of chicken, vegetables, rice and scrambled eggs.
Monday, we are going out for Mari's graduation
Tuesday, we are having salmon
Wednesday, we are having Orange Chicken with chow mein
Thursday, we are doing chicken, mushroom and couscous
Friday, we are having chicken, vegetables and couscous
Saturday is chicken with cilantro, Spanish rice, diced tomatoes and onions

Walking schedule for the week

Sunday went for a walk around our hill
Monday-no walk
Tuesday-walk in Irvine
Wednesday-walk in Balboa
Thursday-walk in Irvine
Friday-walk somewhere near us
Saturday-walk somewhere in Orange County

Sunday, May 10, 2015

End of a chapter, beginning of a new

Mari is graduating from Laguna College of Art and Design on May 18, 2015 and this last week was her last full week of school and I have seen how the stress of her school work and the things I have had to do to help her has affected my eating.  This is typical of how extra stress as affected me in the past.  I have turned to food, when extra stress has hit.  I want to celebrate her ending classes, but not overdo it, which I have done.   My weight is about the same as when I wrote my last post.  Earlier in the week I was down 57 pounds, but this has been typical of this weight loss journey.  I do not want to lose weight quickly, as I want this weight loss journey to be a learning journey as well.

My dinner menu for this next week will be:

Sunday-Crab cakes with vegetables, yogurt with topping

Monday will be out as Mari has her last class, which goes until 7.  I am going to suggest Bear Flag,           which has fish.

Tuesday will be Orange Chicken with Chow Mein and my yogurt with topping

Wednesday is BBQ chicken with rice and veggies and my usual dessert

Thursday will be a Turkey BLT sandwich

Friday will be Chicken with ratatouille and polenta

Saturday is BBQ chicken nachos.


Sunday was no walking

Monday will be 3-4 miles of walking

Tuesday, Mari and I are going with a walking group for a 5 mile walk

Wednesday will be 3-4 miles of walking

Thursday will be 3-4 miles of walking

Friday will probably be no walking

Saturday will be some kind of walking, but at this point, I am not sure what.  Saturday is our usual field trip day.