Sunday, September 27, 2015


I am dealing with frustration and fear when it comes to going back to doing the intermediate hikes.  The walk I did on Saturday had its challenges and I am getting used to doing different types of exercises and more stretching, which is good for me.  I need to accept what is and not expect so much of myself.  I have decided that my schedule for walking will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Mondays will be either at Balboa or a walk with Mari.  Wednesdays will be a walk at Balboa while Marissa is at therapy.  Tuesday and Thursdays are going to be a group walk and Saturdays will be a field trip of some kind.  I will not walk when the temperature at the time of the walk is over 85.  It is just too hot, when it is over 85.

Sunday-got up around 6:15 and my weight is down.  Stayed on track with food and no walking.  I was down in the dumps yesterday and this seems to be a trend with Sundays.  I want the down time, but I enjoy the social.  I am frustrated with my hamstring and the heat.  Turned off the light at 10:30, which seems to be coming a routine, that is healthy for me.

Monday-got up around 6:15 and my weight is down.  Stayed on track with food.  Took a walk with Mari at Dana Point, which felt good and I had no real pain afterward, thanks to the stretching I am doing.  Today was a more positive day.  Turned off the light around 10:30.

Tuesday-woke up around 6:15 and my weight is at its lowest.  Three more pounds to goal.  Stayed on track with food today.  We did go out for lunch and I had a shrimp salad.  Did my usual Tuesday night walk, which was good.  Today was a good day, as we did dog walking at The Pet Rescue Center.  I am focusing on moving forward, rather than feeling stuck, which is a good thing.  Turned off the light at 11 p.m.

Wednesday-got up around 6:15 and my weight was slightly up.  Stayed on track with food today.  I did a walk at Balboa this morning and the hamstring is really getting a lot better.  My usual frustrations during the day and I move on.  It is hard when you want to fix something and you can't.  I wasn't really feeling well before I went to my small group tonight, but anyway and drank plenty of water and turned off the light at 11:20.

Thursday-got up around 6, as Rory was stirring and I couldn't go back to sleep.   I knew we had to be out the door between 9:30-9:45 a.m.  My weight is slightly down.  Today is a busy day.  Dropped Mari off at Saddleback Church and then ran some errands.  Did a photo shoot for a friend and had lunch with Mari and my friend.  Lunch was the only time I deviated from food routine.  Did my usual Thursday routine.  I did not do as much stretching as I have been doing, plus I walked faster than I have been.  I did do my normal nighttime routine, which helped.  Turned off the light at 12:20 a.m.  This is becoming typical for Thursday nights.

Friday-got up around 6:20, as Rory wanted to get his day going and again, I knew I had to be up.  Weight is slightly down.  Friday is a down day for me, in regards to exercise.  It is nice to have a quiet day, once in a while.  Turned off the light at 10:20.

Saturday-got up at 6, as I had to be out the door at 8 to get to a hike.  The weight was up.  Did a 5 mile hike and had a busy day,which I enjoy.  It is hard to come home to "life with Rory", after a day like today.  Turned off the light at 11:20


Sunday-Chicken, bell pepper, diced tomatoes and zucchini and rice
Monday-Chicken curry
Wednesday-Shrimp, zucchini, Diced tomatoes and rice
Thursday-Turkey, Veges and rice
Friday-Chicken, Broccoli and rice



Sunday, September 20, 2015

Continuing the process

Sunday-got up at 6:45 and my weight was up slightly.  Food was back on track today.  No walking, but started back to doing exercise, that I did before I injured my knee.  I did go to church and I did get errands done.  I always struggle after I have had a fun day out and then I have to come home and deal with home life.  I feel like I have a dual life.  One is at home and dealing with negativism and disabilities and then I have my outside life of dealing with more positive people  and people who are more normal.  I took a really good nap and got to bed at 10.

Monday-got up at 6:20 and my weight was up slightly.  I am learning that this is typical after one day of not paying attention to food plan.  It takes a couple of days to start dropping again.   Food was on track today.  I did take a 2.33 mile walk on Balboa Island this morning and it was overall nice.  I learned last night that I do not have a knee issue, but a hamstring issue.  Walking/Hiking is one way I can deal with my stress, but I need to work on overall stretching.  Did not get a nap.   Turned off the light around 10:30.

Tuesday-woke up around 6:10 and my weight was back down.  Food was on track today. Found some more exercises to do for hamstring and quads and I was doing some sort of exercise all day, including a 5 mile walk last night.  We did not go out for frozen yogurt after our walk, but instead had yogurt right after dinner.  Did get a nap.  Turned off the light around 10:30.

Wednesday-woke up around 6:20 and my weight is down to the lowest it has been.  I, off and on sleep after about 3 a.m. and sometimes it is hard to get comfortable.  Food was on track , except for dinner, when I went out for a birthday celebration.  I did get a walk in today. I did get a nap.  Got home late, but it was a fun evening with friends.  Again, having the issue of being out in a social situation and enjoying and then coming home to Rory.  It is getting more and more difficult.  Turned off the light around midnight.  A lot on my mind, didn't sleep the best.

Thursday-woke up around 6:30 and my weight is up, but I expected that.  Food was on track, with the exception of my afternoon snack.  We went kayaking and I forgot to bring my afternoon snack and had a muffin.  No walk, but did go kayaking.  Totally enjoyed going kayaking and this gave me another form of exercise.  Never thought I would be this active.  I enjoyed the afternoon, but had this feeling, that I needed to get home and make dinner. My responsibility of making dinner for my family  was in my head.  I need to learn to just go with the flow.  Rory can fend for himself.  Turned off the light around 11.

Friday-woke up around 6:45 and my weight stayed the same.  Food was on track.  Fridays are going to be my off day and so I did no walking.  I had a bunch of errands to do, so that was my day.  Turned off the light around 10:45.

Saturday-woke up at 6, as I had to leave to go to a walk around 8:15 a.m.  Weight was slightly down. Breakfasts, snacks and dinner were on track.  Four of us went out for lunch after the walk, which was really enjoyable.  The girls and I are going to be volunteering at a pet rescue center, so we went to an orientation for that.  I have a sense of responsibility for getting certain things accomplished and it is hard for me to just go with the flow.  I need to relax and go with the flow.  Turned off the light at 10:30.


Sunday-Chicken, broccoli  and rice
Monday-Rosemary Chicken with veggies and rice
Tuesday-Shrimp, quinoa and veggies
Thursday-Homemade pizza
Friday-Chicken quesadilla



Sunday, September 13, 2015

Physical and emotional health

The reason I started this weight loss journey was because I was not happy with myself at the weight I was at, plus we would go on vacation and I would lose weight and when we got back home, my weight went back up.  At home, I deal with my husband and daughter, who are on the Autism Spectrum and I am my husband's caretaker and not his wife.  He expects everything done for him.  My daughter deals with major anxiety, so this makes for a very stressful household.  My hiking/walking is the way I deal with my stress, which has helped tremendously and I have met some awesome, supportive people in the process.  I have learned my rest is major important.

Sunday-my weight is up, as the girls birthday was yesterday.  I did not make bad food choices, but the food was heavier than what I eat on a normal basis.  I will get somewhat on track today.  I was up at 6:15 this morning.  I do not use an alarm, but allow my body to wake up when it wants to.  There are times, I would like to sleep later, but my husband is on a "schedule" and wants to be up around 6-6:30, so he can watch his TV.  Breakfast, snacks and lunch were on track.  I did a hike this afternoon that was hard and injured my knee.  Dinner was what people brought.  I did not get to bed until 1 a.m. and did not sleep the best.

Monday-my weight is still up.  This morning I was up at 6:30.  Knee was really bothering me during the night.  Breakfast, snacks and lunch were on track.  Originally, I had planned to go out to dinner, as I thought I was going hiking, so we went out to dinner anyway.  Not a bad choice, but not hiking did not help the weight.  Very much needed a nap, which I got.  Rory has been on my case about going to the doctor for my knee, but I know enough of what to do and have enough friends, who have been through this, that I am following their advice.  I am not a good patient and so used to doing things, that it is hard for me to do nothing and have my daughters do things.  Marissa is not used to this as well and it is causing her anxiety.  Fell asleep while icing my knee about 10:15.

Tuesday-my weight is up.  My sleep was pretty good, but I got tired of the bed.  Slept without the brace.  Got up at 6:20 a.m.  Kept on track with food.  I am sleeping soundly with my naps, as I feel like my body has been tired. The knee is getting better everyday, which I am happy about.  Starting Monday of next week, I am going to do some stretching exercises on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and do walking on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.  If I have a small hike on Saturday, I may do a small hike on Sunday afternoon.  Took the girls to our Tuesday night walk and while they were walking, I edited pictures and talked to a friend, which was really enjoyable. Marissa did the whole walk, but had an anxiety melt down when she got back.  Mari and I were trying to find out what was causing the anxiety and she would not talk about it.   Went to bed around 11:30.

Wednesday-my weight is still up and I am beginning to see the effect my walking/hiking has on my weight.  Got up about 6:30.  While I am getting ready, Rory is watching the news and making comments about things on the news and putting down people, which gets annoying.  Made some decisions about some things, such as exercise during the night, which helps.  I have made a promise to myself and several others, that I will rest my knee this week, but I knew this would happen and it is, that I would get restless, but I am keeping my promise.  The food was on track today.  Marissa had an appointment with her therapist, which was helpful for all of us.  Went to a new small group, which is based on my hiking group, which I am excited about.  Getting frustrated with the knee, but I know it is improving.  Went to bed around 11.  My nap did not really exist, but I did rest.

Thursday-the weight is slightly down.  Got up at 6:30 a.m.  Kept on track for food today.  The knee is getting better everyday.  One of my goals is that I can climb stairs normally by the end of the weekend, as it is getting annoying to climb stairs one step at a time.  Made some plans for the weekend and one is to go walking at the beach on the boardwalk with my walking group.  Had counseling and then came home and picked up Mari and we went to our Thursday night walk.  Mari did the walk and I hung out and edited pictures at Starbucks.  It was nice to hang out with the group.  Came home and lights were out by 11:30 p.m.

Friday-the weight is starting to go down.  Got up at 6:30 a.m.  Kept on track for food today.  I am tired of the pain with my knee, as it feels like a pulled muscle.  Had a mammogram and then came home.  Did get a nap and then went to do some errands.  I got done the things I wanted to get done.  Rory frustrates me with his non-stop talking.  Went to bed at 10 and got a good nights sleep.

Saturday-the weight is down to what it was last Saturday.  YAY!  Got up at 6:30, mainly because Rory turned off the fan in our room.  I could have slept longer.  Breakfast and snacks were the only part of my food plan that was on track.  We went out for lunch and then for dinner went to an end of summer bash with my hiking group.  I did walk 2 miles and the knee feels tremendously better.  It was not really enjoyable to come home after having so much fun yesterday.  It is very difficult to live with someone who really does not want to interact with other people. I am very thankful to have found my hiking group.  Got to bed around 11:30.


Sunday-Chicken with salsa and spinach with rice
Monday-Turkey tacos
Tuesday-Chicken, spinach, diced tomatoes, mushroom risotto
Friday-Turkey chili
Saturday-Chicken, Spinach, Bell peppers and eggs



Sunday, September 6, 2015

My goal is within reach

Sunday-my weight is slightly up.  Breakfast and snacks were on track.  Lunch was the leftover sandwich from Friday and I went out to dinner after the hike and dinner was later than I usually have dinner.  Did a harder hike this afternoon.  I am learning things I need to bring with us on hikes, which is a good thing.  Went to bed at 12:30 and had a hard time sleeping, as I was sore.

Monday-weight stayed the same.  Food was on track today.  Did my usual Monday evening hikes and surprisingly this one is getting easier.  I was able to go up a hill that I usually have to stop halfway up.  My confidence is getting stronger in doing the harder hikes.  Went to bed at midnight.

Tuesday-weight dropped half a pound. Breakfast, snacks and dinner were on track.  I had lunch out today.  Did my usual Tuesday night hike.  This walk is a beginner walk and usually I work on speed on the beginner walks, but felt like being social today.  Went to bed around 10:45.

Wednesday-weight dropped .4 pound.  Food was on track.  No hike today, as I needed to give my body a rest.  Went to bed around 10.

Thursday-weight dropped another .4 pound.  Food was on track.  Trying to drink more water.  My usual Thursday night hike at Shady Canyon. This is my one night for frozen yogurt and socializing.  Got to bed at midnight.

Friday-weight dropped another .2 pound.  Food was on track.  No hiking today.  Got to bed around 10:30.

Saturday-Got up around 6:15 and my weight has stayed the same.  Today is the girls birthday, so sticking with food plan is not going to happen.  Breakfast and snacks were good, except I did have a churro with afternoon snack.  Lunch was good, as I had a turkey wrap and then for dinner I had chicken tikka masala with rice and we had cake for the girls birthday.  We went to the San Diego Zoo and walked a lot.  Got to bed around 10:30.


Sunday-Out, because of a hike
Monday-Out, because of a hike
Tuesday-Teriyaki chicken
Wednesday-Taco Pizza
Friday-Chicken with zucchini, diced tomatoes and rice
Saturday-Chicken with peppers, onions and rice