Sunday, July 26, 2015


Over the last couple of weeks, I added one hike on Wednesday, which meant I was out five nights a week, which was getting too much.  I liked the hike on Wednesdays, because it pushed me out of my comfort zone, but it was getting too much with home schedule.  Long term, I will continue to do Tuesdays and Thursday nights.  Friday nights, I will do, when I am not overwhelmed.   I will continue to do my field trips on either Saturday.   If I do not have small group on a Monday, I will be doing a hike of some kind.  I really need to have balance in my life between home life and social life.

Sunday-staying on track with food and no exercise.  Weight went up another .5 pound.

Monday-Weight stayed the same. Food will remain on track and I did not get a hike.  Got some house stuff accomplished, which felt good.  I need to find balance between exercise and doing house/family/my stuff.

Tuesday-Weight stayed the same.  Food will remain on track and I got a 6 mile walk.

Wednesday-Weight went down.  Food stayed on track with the exception of a Boba Milk Tea.  I can have the milk tea, but not the Boba.  I did get a 3 mile walk with a time of 15:44.  My goal has been to get under 18 minutes, which I am doing.

Thursday-Weight went back up to where I have been most of the week.  Food stayed according to plan and I walked 5.72 miles.

Friday-Weight stayed the same as most of the week.  Food will stay on track today and I am walking tonight.  Mari has asked me to have certain walks that are for exercise and certain walks that I walk with her.  Tuesday and Thursday walks are going to be for exercise and the rest of the walks I do with her, I will walk with her, as I have a tendency to walk faster than her.  Tonight, I will walk with her and I will take my camera with me and just enjoy walking at the beach.

Saturday-Weight went down.  Today is field trip day and we went to Coronado, which was fun.  Did some walking, but was very warm and felt very humid.  We had lunch out and I made wise choices.  Overall, my weight has stayed the same for the last week, which is fine.


Sunday-Indian Chicken
Monday-Chicken Balti Pies
Tuesday-Chicken Fajitas
Wednesday-Chicken Wings with Potato Salad
Friday-Teriyaki Chicken



Sunday, July 19, 2015

Content with where I am

I have lost 60 pounds and I am maintaining.  I could lose another 13 pounds and probably be where charts say I should be and maybe I will get there and maybe I won't.  I am content with where I am.

I am continuing to eat healthy and allow myself grace at times.  I will continue to weight myself daily, as overall it has become a habit.  My challenge, now, is to hike more difficult trails and to increase my speed on easy walks.

Sunday-Staying on menu with no walk!  The last two days I hiked 17.5 miles and I am giving my body a rest.  I did feel bored by last night, but I know my body needed the rest.  I, also, know that when I go off routine with my eating, it takes my body a couple of days to get back on track.

Monday-the weight is slightly up.  Today is on track with no walking.

Tuesday-the weight is down and I walked today and I am keeping on track with food.

Wednesday-the weight is down and I did two walks today for a total of 9.7 miles.  We went to Whole Foods for lunch today and did stay on track.

Thursday-the weight is down and I am doing one walk today.  We are going out for lunch today and I am having a salad for lunch.  The rest of the day will be normal.

Friday-I am at my lowest for this journey and I am proud of myself.  Today is a normal eating day and yesterday, I did stick to having what I said I would have.  I have one walk today.  Going out for meals is somewhat stressful, as I can't just relax.  I have a tendency to overeat or not eat enough and I think that is what happened on Thursday.

Saturday-my weight went back up about .5 pound, which is typical, as I was back on normal eating on Friday and I got a walk.  A group of us went down to San Diego and went out for Mexican food.  I did have chips and shrimp tacos with rice.  I enjoyed it and we got some walking around Old Town done, in amongst the rain.  I also had a churro.


Sunday-Chicken Quesadilla
Monday-Turkey taco salad
Tuesday-Turkey Burgers
Wednesday-Shrimp, Orzo, Vegetables
Thursday-Salmon Burgers
Saturday-Grilled Turkey and cheese sandwiches


Monday-possible hike
Saturday-Stair hike

Thursday, July 9, 2015


This period of time for me was dedicated to getting down 60 pounds.  I have become bound and determined.

Sunday, my weight was up and I know why!  Today is a lay low day and I have totally stayed on food plan.  No exercise today, but I am ok with that.

Monday, the weight was down .02 of a pound.  So far staying on track.  Took an almost 6 mile walk with a friend, which was nice!

Tuesday, the weight stayed the same and overall I stayed on track with my food.  Did my usual Tuesday night walk.  Rory was home from Vegas, so the stress was back.

Wednesday, the weight dropped a half pound and overall I stayed on track.  I walked about 3 miles.

Thursday, the weight dropped 1.4 pounds and I reached my goal of getting down 60 pounds. Stayed on track and did my usual Thursday walk.

Friday, the weight dropped .2 pound.    Stayed on track and did a walk of approximately 5 miles with a friend. I was very tired today and I made the decision to not do a certain hike and listen to my body.   The beginning of 4th of July weekend.  I planned to give myself some slack this weekend with the holiday.

Saturday, the weight dropped another .2 pound.  Overall stayed on track and did not do a real walk.  The girls and I went with a friend to the street fair, so I did get some walking.

Sunday, the weight jumped about 1.5 pounds.  It is interesting to see that sometimes I don't walk and the weight goes down and sometimes I don't walk and the weight goes up.  Did not stay on food plan today, but did get a 4 mile walk.  It was a fun weekend, but need to get back to food plan

Monday, the weight jumped another .5 pound.  The food plan is back on track and I did not do a walk, as I felt like all I had been doing all weekend is going.  I was also starting to feel a cold coming on.

Tuesday, the weight dropped .5 pound.  Stayed on food plan and walked my usual Tuesday night walk.  Tuesday night's walk is relatively easy, so I am trying to increase how fast I walk.

Wednesday, the weight dropped one pound.  Stayed on food plan and did a new walk that was hard and challenged me, which is good for me.

Today is Thursday and the weight dropped 1.4 pounds.  So far I have stayed on food plan and I am doing my usual Thursday night walk.


Thursday-Chicken tenders, rice and vegetables
Friday-Ground turkey taco salad
Saturday-BBQ chicken with potato salad


Thursday-5.5 mile walk
Friday-doing 2 walks
Saturday-one walk