Sunday, August 30, 2015

Continuing on

Sunday-the weight is staying the same and slowly going down!  Stayed on track with breakfast, snacks and dinner.  We went out for lunch and I did have a salad, which was a good choice.  I did have an black, iced tea, which had caffeine in it, which caused some issues, as I felt like I was having some spasms.  I did take a walk and I fell asleep at 10, but did not do my whole night time routine.  I really did not sleep the most soundly.

Monday-the weight is staying the same.  Stayed on track with breakfast, snacks and dinner.  We went out for lunch and had two very small tacos and a green drink that I got at Target.  I did one of my harder hikes tonight.  Turned off the light at midnight, but had a hard time sleeping.  I am really trying to figure out why I am tired, but my body will not relax.

Tuesday-the weight dropped to one of my lowest.  Stayed on track with food today.  I went shopping this afternoon for pants and I have dropped a size.  I was jazzed.  Did a walk today.  Turned off the light at 11 and slept pretty well.  Overall a good day

Wednesday-the weight is down this morning!  Stayed on track with food today.  I am not walking/hiking today, as I had small group.  This is one of my down days.  Came home from small group and walked in the door and met a wave of anger from Rory.  I did not respond, as I knew that would just escalate things.

Thursday-the weight is the same as yesterday.  Stayed on track with food today.  I did my usual Thursday night hike and stayed for socializing, which was really nice.  Went to bed around midnight and slept very well.

Friday-the weight is down and I have 6 pounds to go to reach goal weight.  I CAN DO IT!  The girls birthday is a week away and Mari had requested going to a brewery in Escondido, CA, so we went to the brewery for lunch, which was enjoyable.  Breakfast, snacks and dinner were normal.  I did not walk, as Friday, is being my down day and the temperature was way too hot.  Went to bed around 10 and slept very well.

Saturday-the weight is slightly up.  I hiked today and had lunch with my hiking group at Gelson's.  I had a turkey sandwich and some fruit.  I did not have my morning snack, as the snack melted while I was hiking.  Breakfast, snacks and dinner were normal.  Got to bed around 10:30 and slept really well.


Sunday-Chicken tacos
Monday-Chicken with couscous
Tuesday-Turkey with Bell Peppers, Rice and Diced Tomatoes
Wednesday-Chicken, Zucchini, garlic potatoes
Thursday-Shrimp and Veggie Tacos



Sunday, August 23, 2015

Feels so good

Being almost to normal weight, feels so good with clothes, as well as being able to do things, that I have not been able to do.  I am enjoying being more positive.

Sunday-the weight is up and I know it will go back down.  Periodically, it is nice to eat certain foods that I don't allow myself to eat on a normal basis.  No walk or hike today!  Trying to find a balance between doing house stuff and things I enjoy, such as editing pictures or things I do at home.   I deal with two people with mental illness, which makes home life difficult, so most of the time, I would rather be out with others, than home.  The stress of living with mental illness, also affects my eating and weight.  I would like to be at home and enjoy my home.  I am more my husband's caretaker, than his wife.  His enjoyment is television, in fact, his dream, would be to be in a closed up, air conditioned room with a TV, going all day and all night.

Monday-the weight is still up.  Stayed on track with food today.  I tried something new today of starting to speed walk, plus I had an intermediate hike tonight, which is good for me.  After I got home from my hike, I had to deal with stress from Rory, who wanted to talked politics, which I don't enjoy, as well as talking finances and his finding a job.  His version of finding a  job, is finding something, where he really doesn't have to work.  Didn't really sleep well during the night.

Tuesday-the weight is going back down.  Stayed on track with food today.  Did some more speed walking today.  The whole stress with Rory affected me in regard to my energy level.  Did get a good nap, which helped.  My walk tonight was easy, so I try to decrease the speed on these walks.

Wednesday-the weight stayed relatively the same.  Overall, stayed on track with food.  Did a bunch of walking today, including my speed walk, a walk in Corona del Mar with sand and hills and a walk around Balboa.  Dealing with a bunch of stress today.

Thursday-the weight is staying relatively the same. Stayed on track with food.  Did my usual Thursday night walk in Shady Canyon.  Dealing with my usual stress with Rory and trying to help Marissa deal with her anxiety.  It is very difficult to watch my daughter struggle.  It gets exhausting, always having to be the strong one.  Some of the stress came out in my walking tonight, especially in how fast I was walking.

Friday-the weight is staying relatively the same.  Breakfast and snack was on track.  Lunch, I made the decision to go out to The Melt and have a grilled cheese sandwich with mushrooms, which was really good.  Afternoon snack and dinner were as planned.  Did no walking today and made the decision to not do any planned hikes this weekend.  I need some time to not be on a schedule.  Starting to keep track of my sleep.  Went to bed at 11.  I would really like to get to bed around 10:30 on a regular basis.

Saturday-the weight is staying relatively the same.  Food was on track today.  I did take a walk today with Mari.  Went to bed at 10:30.  The day was relatively relaxed, as I did a couple of errands in the morning, got a nap and we got hair cuts today.


Sunday-Shrimp Nachos
Monday-Chicken Wings, Potato Salad
Wednesday-Chicken, Bell peppers and Orzo
Thursday-Chicken, Spanish Rice and Veggies
Friday-Chicken Quesadilla
Saturday-Chicken Pad Thai


Friday-Day off

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Being healthy

My life, nowadays, has become a life of eating healthy and making wise choices and not being afraid to try new things.  Since doing two hikes that I was afraid of doing,  I feel more alive and my new saying is "I can do it."

Sunday-Weight is slightly up, but I am still down 60+ pounds.  Today was definitely a day of rest.  Ate according to plan, but no walk, which is fine, as my body needed the rest, after Saturday.

Monday-Weight is back down, which is 62 pounds, gone away.  The girls and I went to lunch with a friend who is leaving for Boston and I made wise choices.  No exercise today.

Tuesday-Weight was down slightly.  Stayed on food plan. Went walking today.

Wednesday-the weight is down to the lowest it has been on this journey.  If I was to look at BMI range, I need to be down another 7 pounds, which I can do.  Did an intermediate hike today.

Thursday-the weight stayed the same.   Stayed on track with food today. Mari and I were getting tired of frozen yogurt after we did hikes, so we tried something new.  We took yogurt from home with us, as well as a banana and got an iced tea, which was nice, as the temperature is hot right now.  Did our usual Thursday night hike, which I enjoy.

Friday-the weight is down .2 pound.  Overall stayed on track with food today.  I did go out to lunch today with Mari and made wise choices.  Did a 4.5 mile hike tonight and had frozen yogurt after the hike.  Tonight's hike was one of my harder hikes.

Saturday-the weight is staying relatively the same.  Breakfast was normal, but we went hiking in Torrey Pines and had a late lunch consisting of pizza, so I did not have dinner.  It was a fun day!


Sunday-Chicken Wings-Potato Salad
Monday-Chicken and curry couscous
Tuesday-Chicken Marsala
Wednesday-Shrimp with Lemongrass and Basi
Thursday-Sweet Teriyaki Chicken
Friday-Chicken Nachos
Saturday-Chicken Tostada


Along with my walking/hiking, I do 140 leg ups and 150 sit ups, as well as an arm exercise and 30 seconds of wall squats.

Sunday-No exercise, mainly due to the heat.  I will not walk/hike, when it is over 90 degrees, plus Sunday is my day for resting

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Stepping it up

Sunday-the weight is up, but I am not surprised. Back to routine. Food was good today and Mari and I went on a hike in our own neighborhood.  I feel good about the hike, as we accomplished somethings with this hike.  The hills were not that bad and we went all the way to the top without stopping.  I am trying to say, I can do this, rather than I can't do this.

Monday-the weight was back down.  Food was good today.  We went out for lunch and dinner and I made good choices.  I did a hike with my hiking group and I surprised myself with what I did.  I, also, found that I need to eat a little more food, when I do these type of hikes, as I felt a little light headed after I did one hill.  I did drink water, which helped quite a bit.

Tuesday-the weight is down to another low.  Food was good today.  I did a walk with my hiking group and my pace was really good.  I am trying to keep it below 18 minutes.  This one was 16:47 per mile.

Wednesday-the weight is continuing to be low.  Food was good today.  This morning, I walked Balboa Island and then tonight, I hiked Turtle Rock and accomplished a goal of climbing French Hill and Suicide Hill.  I am proud of myself for doing this.

Thursday-the weight continues to be low.  Food was good today.  I did go get a salad out at lunch.  Did my usual Thursday night at Shady Canyon.

Friday-the weight was the same as Wednesday.  Food was good today.  Today was a rest day, when it came to exercise.

Saturday-the weight was slightly up.  Went to Los Angeles on a field trip and had lunch and dinner out.  Enjoyed and made wise choices.  I walked between 7-11 miles by doing a Secret Stairs walk.


Sunday-Lemongrass and Basil Shrimp with Veggies and Rice
Monday-Tikka Masala Chicken
Tuesday-Korean Stir Fry with Chicken
Wednesday-Southwest Chicken
Thursday-Mediterranean Chicken
Friday-Italian Chicken
Saturday-Chicken Nachos


Monday-Rest day

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Where will this week go, one day at a time!

Sunday-weight was up, which was not surprising, considering I was out on Saturday.  I did not really make bad food choices, but, overall, going out and not really walking will raise the weight. Today was back on track with food and I did a 4.5 mile walk.

Monday-weight was down.  Stayed on food plan today.  I did get a walk today, that I found was easy, which didn't used to be easy.  I look at how far I have come in less than a year and I am proud of myself.

Tuesday-weight is down.  Overall stayed on food plan today.  Did my usual Tuesday night walk and was hungry after the walk, so I added an appetizer to my frozen yogurt and also had a Thai Iced Tea.

Wednesday-weight is down.  Met up with some friends for lunch today, which was fun and made a wise choice with a chicken cobb salad.   Did an almost 7 mile walk with a friend tonight and of course, had frozen yogurt.

Thursday-weight is slightly up. Today was a nice relaxing day at home and I stayed on food course.  The girls and I went out for dinner and I made a good choice for dinner.  I did my usual Thursday night walk at Shady Canyon. Had frozen yogurt after the walk.

Friday-the weight is back down to the lowest it has been on this journey.  I stayed on food course, except for dinner, when we went out.  I made good choices. We did another walk at Turtle Rock,which I enjoyed.

Saturday-the weight went up, but I am not surprised, as the salad I had on Thursday night was mainly vegetables.  I did a 3.88 mile walk that was too slow for me.  It was enjoyable, but I was frustrated with the walk.  I am definitely past beginner walks, so I am going to work in some intermediate hikes during the week, with my regular hikes.  Overall, I stayed on food plan, but went to a BBQ and enjoyed.


Sunday-Mexican chicken
Monday-Curry restaurant
Tuesday-Chicken with Peanut Sauce and Rice
Wednesday-Turkey Burgers
Thursday-Shrimp Tacos
Friday-Lemon and Garlic chicken
Saturday-Chicken Marsala


Sunday-neighborhood walk
Tuesday-weekly walk
Thursday-weekly walk
Friday-None at this point
Saturday-Field trip to LA