Sunday, October 25, 2015


I have felt myself slipping back on my hiking and I need to get the confidence back.

Sunday-Got up around 6:45.  The weight is down.  Stayed on track with food,  did home exercises and a walk.  Today was mainly home getting things done, which felt good, plus made some plans to go hiking with a friend.   Turned the light off about 10:50.

Monday-got up around 6:30.  The weight is slightly up. Stayed on track with food, did home exercises and did my Monday night walk.  Today was mainly home getting things done.  Turned off the light about 11:25.  Frustrations with Rory centered around him trying to plan Marissa's life and the job he thinks she should have at a lighthouse.

Tuesday-got up around 6:45.  The weight dropped.  Already having frustrations with Rory, as he is already talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Stayed on track with food, did home exercises and did my Monday night walk.  Spent time with cats/kittens at The Pet Rescue Center and did my Tuesday night walk.  Turned off the light around 11:25.  Mari struggling with her health, her dad and finding a job.  When she is upset, it makes me sad.  I know she will eventually find a job.

Wednesday-got up around 6:15.  The weight was slightly up.  I have been planning to go back to school and get a certificate in event planning.  A friend of mine found an on line event planning course on Groupon for $5.  Something to ponder, should I do it on-line or actually go to school?  Did some research and found that the school I was planning to go to, most of the classes are online.  Food was on track and I did my home exercises and a walk.  Mari and I went to Bible Study last night and when we got home, Rory was angry.  He has been on medication for an ear infection and he was having side effects from the medication, plus withdrawal.  Trying to relax and get a restful night sleep is difficult when this happens.  Turned off the light around 11:45.

Thursday-not a restful night sleep.  Got up around 7.  The weight is down.  I stayed on track with food today.  Did my house exercises and a walk.  The day got better as time went on.  It is not fun to live, when you have to always watch what you say.  Mari went to do some volunteer work and I did some errands.  Did get a nap.  Turned off the light around 11:45.

Friday-much better sleep last night.  Got up around 7. My body is feeling the tenseness of what happened Wednesday night.  The weight is about the same. I stayed on track with food today, until dinner time, when a group of us went out for dinner.  I did make a relatively good choice. The day was good.  It is really nice to be out with friends.  Got to bed around 11:30.  I did my house exercises.

Saturday-got up around 6:30, although Rory woke me up around 6, thinking I had to get up that early.  I know he was trying to be kind. Weight was up, but I expected that.  Breakfast and morning snack was on track, but the rest of the day was not.  I did make good food choices and this was planned.  Did not do my home exercises, but did do a hike and it was a wonderful day.  Got to bed around 11.


Monday-Buffalo Chicken with rice and veggies
Tuesday-Greek Chicken with rice and veggies
Wednesday-Pizza with chicken and zucchini and mushrooms
Thursday-Chicken Wings and Potato Salad
Friday-Fish tacos



Sunday, October 18, 2015

Back to reality and a busy week

Rory got home on Friday and it is back to normalcy in regards to him.  The girls have appointments every day this week, with the exception of Friday.  I am dealing with his irresponsibility and non-realism with money.

Sunday-the weight is up.  Stayed on track with food today.  Did some of my home exercise.  Turned off the light around 11.

Monday-Got up around 6:30.  It is hard to get up early, when it is still dark outside.  The weight is slightly down.  Stayed on track with food today and had two walks, plus some of my home exercise.  Turned off the light around 11:25.

Tuesday-Got up around 6:30.  Had a hard time sleeping as my perfectionism is getting in the way of writing something.  Getting that done is going to be my number one priority today.  The weight is slightly down.  Overall, stayed on food plan.  I did my usual Tuesday night walk and then went to be social, which was nice.  Turned off the light about 12:10.

Wednesday-Rory is having an issue with his ear and woke me up early this morning.  I did finally get up around 6:30.  Weight is slowly going down.  Stayed on track with food today.  No walking/hiking, did home exercises.  I was feeling overwhelmed today.  Went to bed around 11.

Thursday-Woke up around 6:15.  My average sleep seems to be about 7 hours with a nap.  Weight is up slightly.  Marissa and I went to a new doctor for her and he is putting her on a food plan and going to adjust her meds.   The new food plan means a new food plan for Mari and I, as well.  The doctor wants her on a protein and vegetable diet, which means no cereal or dairy in the morning.  He is not concerned about the amount of eggs she has.  QUESTION-WHAT DO OTHER PEOPLE EAT FOR BREAKFAST THAT IS NOT CEREAL OR TOAST OR PANCAKES?  WE COULD USE SOME IDEAS FOR A PROTEIN, VEGETABLE AND FRUIT FOOD PLAN.  Did my normal Thursday night walk.  All but lunch was on track.  Went to bed around 11:25 p.m.

Friday-Woke up around 6:30.  Weight is up slightly.  Today, we are off for a weekend getaway.  No walking and a minimal amount of home exercise.  Breakfast and snacks were on track.  Lunch and dinner were out and made wise choices.  Went to bed around 10:50.

Saturday-Woke up around 6:30.  Could not check weight, as I am out of town.  I am trying to just enjoy and not thinking about food choices.  Had a late breakfast, as I took Mari to depart on the boat for her adventure and then came back and had breakfast with Marissa.  Marissa and I are going to Santa Barbara and go exploring and walking.  Checked out of the hotel and then headed for Santa Barbara.  Had lunch and took a walk and did some exploring and slowly worked ourselves back to Ventura.  It was fun seeing places, I had not seen before.  Had dinner with my group and then headed for home.  My definition of home has become wherever I am that day.  I wish this house could be someplace I could look forward to coming back to.  Got to bed around midnight, after unpacking the car and putting things away.


Sunday-Chicken, vegetables, rice and walnuts
Monday-Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Tuesday-Chicken Fajitas
Wednesday-Chicken, pepper and mushroom risotto
Thursday-Thai Curry chicken with rice and vegetables
Friday-Garlic butter chicken  with rice and vegetables


Sunday-walk in Portola Hills
Monday-walk in Lake Forest
Tuesday-walk in Irvine
Wednesday-walk in Balboa
Thursday-walk in Irvine
Saturday-Hike in Julian

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A continuing lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise

Sunday-Woke up at 6:30 and did my reading.  The weight is slightly up.  This should be a week of eating according to plan.  I did my house exercises and had a relaxing day and stayed on food plan.  Turned off the light around 10:20.

Monday-Woke up at 6:30 and did my reading.  I woke up at 4 a.m. and had a hard time getting back to sleep, but I eventually did, as I have been concerned about Mari and her respiratory issues.  The weight is back down.  I enjoy eating out, but it is also nice to stay on food plan.  I did get a walk.   Turned off the light about 10:25 p.m.

Tuesday-Woke up around 6:20 and did my reading.  Weight is about the same.  Stayed on food plan today and got in a 5 mile walk tonight.  Turned off the light about midnight, as I stayed to be social after my walk and when I got home, there was a phone call from Rory, that I felt warranted a call back.

Wednesday-Woke up around 7 and did my reading.  The weight dropped.  Stayed on food plan and did no walking, but did my home exercises.  Turned off the light about 11:20.

Thursday-Woke up around 6:20 and did my reading.  The weight was up.  Stayed on food plan and did my usual Thursday night walk and my home exercises.  Stayed after the walk for frozen yogurt and when I got home, another call from Rory, that I felt warranted a call back.  Turned off the light about 12:25.

Friday-Got up around 7 and did my reading.  The weight was down.  Stayed on food plan and did a walk and my home exercises.  Today is my last day of staycation.  Turned off the light about 11 p.m.

Saturday-Got up around 6:45 and did my reading.  The weight was down.  Stayed on food plan for breakfast, snack and dinner.  Went on a field trip and had lunch out, as well as some of my favorite ice cream.


Sunday-Chicken, Spinach, Rice and diced tomatoes
Monday-Homemade pizza
Tuesday-Eggs, Cheese and Zucchini and Brussel Sprouts
Wednesday-Chicken Wings, potato salad
Thursday-Sweet and Sour Chicken



Sunday, October 4, 2015

My goal is within reach

Sunday-Rory was up at 6,which woke me up.  He is leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow and I am so thankful.  I had a busy day yesterday and could easily have used the extra sleep, but oh well!  Today is being a day of no exercise.  Breakfast and snack was on track.  We were supposed to have had lunch after going kayaking, but didn't go kayaking.  Got lunch out anyway and really did not make a bad decision.  The rest of the day was on track and mainly a resting day.  Turned off the light about 10:40 p.m

Monday-Woke up around 6:20.  The weight is slightly down.  No walking/hiking today as my schedule became very full. Food was on track.  It was very nice to not live on a schedule today as Rory is gone for 12 days.  We live on a schedule, but we don't live on a schedule.  Turned off the light around 10:40.  I did do all of my stretching exercises and I increased my mileage on the stationery bike to 1.25 miles.

Tuesday-Woke up around 6:15, but did not get up until 6:30 and actually did some reading.  I do not turn on the TV when Rory is gone, so I have quiet, which I totally enjoy.  Breakfast, both snacks and lunch were on track.  I had a salad for dinner, as we went out.  I knew my Tuesday night walk was not going to happen, so there was no walking exercise and I did do some of my home exercises.  Turned off the light around 11.  Weight was the same.

Wednesday-Woke up around 6:30 and did some reading.  My food was on track today and I had a lot of vegetables on Tuesday, which seemed to clear out my system today.  My walking got cancelled today, but I did do my home exercises.  Weight dropped slightly.  Turned off the light around 11:20 p.m.

Thursday-woke up around 6:45 and did some reading.  I like waking up and being able to spend time with God, rather than waking up to the TV.  Weight was down and food was on track.  I did get a 4.5 mile walk in last night, which was really nice.  Turned off the light around 11:25.

Friday-Had a hard time sleeping last night, as my head would not shut off, because I was thinking about things I had to do today, to prepare myself for tomorrow.  Got up around 6:30 and did my reading.  Weight continued to go down.  Today is an off day, in regards to exercise.  There are days I have after I have had a fun day or a day where I am very active doing things other than normal routine, that I tend to get depressed, when I am just doing routine stuff.  I am working on being more positive, than negative.

Saturday-woke up at 6, as I had to be out the door by 8.  My weight was slightly up, but I am ok with that, as I look at where I have come with my weight.  Did a "Secret Stairs" walk in Los Angeles with my hiking group, which was fun.  Stayed on track with food for breakfast and snack and dinner.  Lunch was out and so was afternoon snack.  Didn't make the wisest of choices, but enjoyed.  I was tired by the time we got home and turned off the light at 10:20.


Sunday-Chicken with Veges and Pad Thai
Monday-BBQ Chicken Nachos with Veges
Tuesday-Garlic Lime Chicken with Rice and Veges
Wednesday-Chicken, Spinach, Tomatoes and rice
Thursday-Shrimp, rice, diced tomatoes and bell pepper
Friday-Chicken, veggies and a tortilla