Sunday, February 7, 2016

Month end-check in

So far for the month of January, I am down 2 pounds.  I know my body will level off eventually

Sunday-Finally got up around 6:30.  I catnapped from about 5 to about 6:30.  Not the greatest sleep, as I was worried about Sweet Pea.  Sweet Pea is a diabetic cat and we ran out of insulin last night for various reasons.
Breakfast-Eggs with spinach and onion, turkey bacon and tea
Snack-Trail mix
Lunch-Leftovers from yesterday of salad.
Snack-frozen yogurt
Dinner Salmon TV dinner
Feelings-tired of Rory's complaining. Concerned about Sweet Pea, as we ran out of her insulin last night. I was hoping that the vet had sent the paper work to the pharmacy, which did happen.I really need to trust in God. Feeling sad. 
Turned off the light around 10.

Monday-Got up a little before 5:30.  Glad to be back on normal morning routine.
Weight is staying with range
Breakfast-Eggs with bell peppers and onions, turkey bacon and tea
Snack-trail mix
Lunch- left over salad from the weekend
Snack-trail mix
Dinner-chicken with mushroom risotto and green beans and frozen yogurt
Exercise-4.6 miles
Feelings-decided this morning to not turn off the fan and not turn on the coffee maker until I was almost out the bedroom door, so I did not have to hear Rory talk.  I know that sounds mean, but I enjoy quietness and peacefulness in the morning.  Feeling very frustrated about many things. It was really nice to be able to talk to a friend. Feeling very blessed.
Turned off the light at 11 pm

Tuesday-Woke up a couple of minutes before the alarm went off at 5:30 a.m.
Weight is staying within range
Breakfast-Cereal with bananas and blueberries, turkey bacon and tea
Snack-Trail mix
Lunch-Meat Loaf sandwich
Snack-Trail mix
Dinner-Chicken, broccoli and macaroni and cheese and frozen yogurt
Feelings-Tired, definitely will be taking a nap.  Enjoying editing pictures and having a quiet house, as Rory went to a movie.  Chaotic as Mari's train was late in the morning, therefore her train coming home was going to be later and we have a hike to get to. Usually Mari texts me when she gets to Union Station, and she didn't and I was concerned. She was on the train, she was supposed to be on. A friend had a car issue that I had to help with and therefore I missed the hike. The things that happened were relatively minor and gotten taken care of.
Light went out around 11

Wednesday-woke up when the alarm went off at 5:30.  Rory had awakened me a couple of times during the night, which did not help.
Weight is staying within range.
Breakfast-Eggs with bell peppers, Ezekiel bread with almond butter and turkey bacon and tea.
Snack-trail mix
Lunch-veggie burger sandwich
Snack-trail mix
Dinner-tacos from Chipotle and frozen yogurt
Feelings/things I got from my readings-Make a decision.  Just say yes or no, and don't keep changing your mind.  Make the best decision you can and trust God with the results.  Be decisive!  Whatever I need to do in life, just do it.  Keep it simple and trust God with the results. 
Lights out atm10:30.

Thursday-woke up when the alarm went off at 5:30
Weight is at the low end of the range.
Breakfast-quiche,turkey bacon,tea
Snack-trail mix
Lunch-pizza,salad and iced tea
Snack-Trail mix
Dinner-shrimp,chicken kabob,salad and rice and baklava,
Exercise-4.5 mile walk
Feelings Marissa and I went to San Diego. Fun and tiring day. I wish Rory could handle household stuff,instead of getting me in the middle of things, especially when I am not home.
Light off at 10:15

Friday-woke up before the alarm at 5:25.
Weight is within the range and still at the low end.
Breakfast-Egg Burrito with turkey bacon and tea.
Snack-trail mix
Lunch-Half turkey burger
Snack-trail mix
Dinner-Shrimp and chicken,egg rolls.rice and veges with ice cream
Feelings-Tired and sad, but dealing with reality.  We may have to put Sweet Pea to sleep.  This morning she is having labored breathing.  I took her to the vet and they put her on oxygen.  They are doing blood and urine analysis.  She is 16 and has been dealing with diabetes and kidney issues.  I do not want her to suffer.  Went out to dinner with friends, which was really nice, plus very needed.

Saturday-woke up at 6, thinking we were going to LA, but there were other things going on that changed that decision.
Weight is within the range.
Breakfast-Egg pizza with turkey bacon and tea
Snack-trail mix
Lunch-Half tuna sandwich
Snack-trail mix
Dinner-chicken, vegetables, rice with salsa
Feelings-sad, but knowing I am making the right decision. This is hard.I had to make the decision to put Sweet Pea to sleep.  I am at peace with the decision I made.  I will miss her.  This has been a hard day.  Most of the day my emotions were pretty good, but tonight, it has been hard.  I, also, am not used to staying home all day on Saturday, so I fee somewhat lost.  
Turned off the light at 9:59


Sunday-Chili Mac
Tuesday-Chicken, zucchini, diced tomatoes, rice
Wednesday-Fish Burritos
Thursday-Chicken Mushroom Risotto
Friday-Shrimp couscous
Saturday-Grilled cheese with Bacon and Spinach


Thursday-two walks
Saturday-possible trip to the zoo

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