Sunday, January 10, 2016

A new chapter in our lives

Mari starts a new job on Monday in Los Angeles, which will mean, I have to get her to the train by 6 a.m. and she will be getting home about 6 p.m.  This will change many things in our lives, plus I will be looking for a part time job.

Sunday-I am learning I can probably get up after about 7 hours of sleep.  I did get up about 6:30 this morning.
Weight was within range.
Exercise-Some home exercise and a 4 mile hike.  I wanted to challenge myself on Peters Canyon to see if I could go out and back and I did it.
Breakfast-Goat yogurt with a banana and blueberries, toast with almond butter and turkey bacon.  Herb tea.
Snack-trail mix
Lunch, turkey burger with cheese and lettuce and a tortilla
Snack-trail mix
Dinner-chicken with broccoli and mushroom risotto and frozen yogurt
Words/Feelings-challenge myself, blah-I feel like I have no feeling about Mari starting work, even though it will be a change.  Trying to act as if, when I have no feeling.  Need to spread my wings on things I do.
Turned off the light around 9:45, but felt like I was awake every two hours.  I was not worried about waking up on time, but had to use the bathroom a lot and the scale reflected that.

Monday-woke up before the alarm at 5:15, but stayed in bed until the alarm went off.
Weight was within range.
Exercise-some home exercise and a very small walk that was supposed to be longer, but the rain hit.
Breakfast, Eggs, Spinach and bell peppers with Ezekiel Bread with Almond Butter and turkey bacon. Snack-trail mix
Lunch-Chicken salad
Snack-trail mix
Dinner-Chicken burrito and frozen yogurt
Water-Herb tea
Words/Feelings-Tired from getting up early, frustrated from Rory's irresponsible use of money, frustrated without a phone, thankful for being able to get a new phone.  Feeling scattered from having to redo the new phone.
Turned off the light around 9:45 p.m.  Good nights sleep!

Tuesday-woke up about 4:45, but went back to sleep until the alarm went off!
Weight was within range.
Exercise-Home exercise, no walk due to rain
Breakfast-Quiche and turkey bacon with herb tea
Snack-trail mix
Lunch-egg burrito and a hot chocolate with peppermint.
Snack-trail mix
Dinner-salmon with rice and veggies and yogurt with M&M's
Water-Herb tea
Words/Feelings-feeling positive today, maybe I am going to like getting up at 5:15 and getting going with my day, as long as I get a good nights sleep, it is  feeling good getting things done, feeling frustrated that I have to deal with things that Rory starts and I know more about and I have to deal with the phone calls that he makes.  This interrupts my getting other things done. Frustrated with Rory and his dealing with finances.  I need to be strong and not give in to what I have given into in the past.  I am tired of constantly arguing with him.  It is exhausting.
Turned off the light around 10 and had a hard time turning my head off!

Wednesday-did not have the greatest night's sleep and did get up at 5:15
Weight was within range.
Exercise-Home exercise.
Breakfast-Eggs with Vegetables and Ezekiel bread and almond butter with turkey bacon
Snack-trail mix
Lunch-chicken salad
Snack-trail mix
Dinner-shrimp with diced tomatoes, mushrooms and rice and frozen yogurt
Water-Herb tea
Words/Feelings-feeling tired today, as I had a hard time shutting my head off during the night.  Feeling good, as I am getting things accomplished.  In order to move forward, I need to do something, which I am going to do!  Has anything really changed with Rory and finances? NO! Frustrated at home, more positive, when I am out doing errands and out with other people.  Had small group last night, which was nice and then stopped for frozen yogurt on the way home with Mari.
Turned off the light around 10:30

Thursday-had a good night's sleep and got up at 5:15.
Weight was within range.
Exercise-A 5.5 mile walk and home exercise
Breakfast-Oatmeal with bananas and blueberries and turkey bacon.
Snack-trail mix
Lunch-shrimp salad
Snack-Trail Mix
Dinner-Chicken with basil pesto, rice and vegetables, frozen yogurt
Water-Herb Tea
Words/Feelings-nice to see the sun out.  Need to keep my mouth shut and just try to get along.  Feels good getting things done. Felt really good getting out and hiking and being with friends.

Friday-had a good night's sleep and got up at 5:15.
Weight was within range and the lowest I have been in a long time
Exercise-5.84 mile walk
Breakfast-Eggs with spinach and onion, turkey bacon, Ezekiel Bread and almond butter
Snack-trail mix
Lunch-Out-Patty Melt with Blood Red Lemonade
Snack-Trail Mix and Milk Shake
Dinner-Chili Mac
Water-Herb Tea
Words/Feelings-enjoyable to get out and explore.  I can always eat something with too much salt and it is usually when I eat out.  Feeling achy in my knees and hips.  I wish people would keep their dogs on a leash.  Going to LA and pushing to get out the door. Enjoying spending time with my daughter and a friend.  Rory has no respect for me and only thinks about himself.  Thankful I was able to let go of a discussion/argument we had and be able to rest

Saturday-had a good night's sleep and got up at 6, as we are going back to LA and have to be on the train at 9.
Weight was within range.
Exercise-4 mile walk
Breakfast-Eggs with bell peppers and onion, turkey bacon, Ezekiel Bread and almond butter
Snack-trail mix
Lunch-out-Argentinian Food
Snack-Trail Mix and Milk Shake
Water-Herb Tea and Coffee
Words/Feelings-Pushing to get out the door, but looking forward to exploring LA with friends.  Tired. Being with friends makes life at home easier to deal with.

Sunday-Pho Soup
Monday-Chicken Pesto with mushroom and rice
Tuesday-Chicken Tiki masala
Wednesday-Orange Chicken
Thursday-Turkey, mushrooms and rice
Friday-Chicken Fajitas


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  1. Change happens. And change is a good least in this case. Mari is moving forward, and it seems that you will be as well.