Sunday, January 24, 2016

Decisions and changes

After two weeks of Mari working, I am learning what I can and cannot do.  One of the things I really need is my rest, as well as my hikes and socializing.  I need to have balance in all of this.

Sunday-I was awake at 5:15, but I did not get up until 6:15.  I sort of slept in that hour.
Weight was within goal range
Breakfast-Eggs, smoked salmon, turkey bacon, toast with almond butter, herb tea
Snack-trail mix
Snack-Trail Mix
Dinner-Fish with rice and vegetables-ate out, which was not planned.  Made good choices!
Exercise-A 3 mile hike and some home exercises
Words/feelings-trying not to people please, but set boundaries and take care of myself! Sunday feels like a catch up day, especially after two days of being gone.  Looking forward, but not looking forward to our hike.  Found lost dog on our hike, which cancelled the hike, but we did the right thing.
Turned off the light about 10.

Monday-Was awake before the alarm went off at 5:30.
Weight is within goal range
Breakfast-Eggs, rice, vegetables and bread left over from last night, turkey bacon, herb tea
Snack-trail mix
Lunch-chicken salad
Snack-Trail mix
Dinner-chicken, vegetables and rice mixed with marsala/curry sauce and frozen yogurt
Exercise-A 4 mile hike and some home exercises
Words/feelings-feeling sort of strange when you hear that someone you knew in high school lost a child, sort of how I felt when I heard about someone that I knew at age 4, was driving. Not quite the same feeling, but I still see this person, as if he was in high school, not as a dad.  I see the four year old, as a four year old, not as a teenager.  Feeling pushed to get something done.  Mari came down with a cold and I wanted to be a mom and make her all better.  I didn't get to see her until about 9:30 last night.
Turned off the light around 11, as I knew I could sleep in on Tuesday.

Tuesday-slept in until 6:40.
Weight is within goal range
Breakfast-Eggs, Kale, cheese, salsa and toast with almond butter
Snack-trail mix
Lunch-Shrimp salad
Snack-trail mix
Dinner-Chicken with rice and vegetables and yogurt
Exercise-4.75 mile walk and home exercises
Words/feelings-feel more rested as I got to sleep in a little bit. Happy that I got things accomplished,feeling sad that I can't socialize after hikes, because I am trying to get rest.
Turned off the light at 10:15

Wednesday-Woke up before the alarm and got up at 5:30.
Weight is within goal range
Breakfast-Cereal with bananas and blueberries, turkey bacon and tea
Snack-trail mix
Lunch-Meat Loaf Sandwich
Snack-trail mix
Dinner-Chicken burrito
Words/feelings-overwhelmed and am I doing/saying what is right.  Mari was struggling this morning to get out the door and I told her she should go to work, as she was doing better last night. Marissa was not feeling well this morning and I am not sure whether it is cold or anxiety.  I was asked to go hiking in the mountains tomorrow and my first reaction was no, as I have a usual Thursday night hike, but nothing else.  I changed my mind and said yes.  Stepping out of my comfort zone!

Thursday-Woke up at 5:30.  Mari forgot to turn on her alarm and did not get up until 6, so she made a 7:10 train.
Weight is within range.
Breakfast-Goat yogurt with blueberries, toast with almond butter, tea
Snack-Trail mix
Lunch-Half Turkey sandwich with salad
Snack-Trail Mix
Dinner-Chicken with diced tomatoes, zucchini and rice
Words/Feelings-Nice day.  Hike was definitely out of my comfort zone, but enjoyable.  Very tired by the end of the day.  God was definitely in control.

Friday-Woke up around 5:15 and finally got up by 5:30.  Normal day as far as getting out the door.
Weight is within range
Breakfast-Eggs with Spinach and onions, Toast with almond butter, tea
Snack-Trail Mix
Lunch-Veggie sandwich
Snack-Trail Mix
Dinner-Chicken Barbonara with frozen yogurt
Words/feelings-Not looking forward to this morning as the plumber is coming to replace some things in our bathroom, which means Rory will have to be downstairs.  I am going to run errands!  The plumbing company called and cancelled, and I was very thankful.  Still need to run errands.

Saturday was a field trip day to Pasadena/Eagle Rock with a walk of approximately 5 miles and 1300 steps.  Made good choices with food.  I need to stick to my normal schedule, especially with having to get Mari to the bus by 6:30.  I need balance and I need to pace myself.


Sunday-Chicken with sweet potatoes and broccoli
Monday-Chili Macaroni
Tuesday-Chicken with couscous and veggies
Wednesday-Buffalo chicken
Thursday-Chicken with broccoli and rice
Friday-Shrimp Tacos


Monday-Mission Viejo Lake walk
Tuesday-Turtle Rock walk
Thursday-Shady Canyon
Saturday-Pacific Palisades Secret Stairs walk


  1. How is your job search coming along?

  2. I have not really had the time to sit down and fill out an application! I am going to try and work on that this week, but things seem to get in the way and I am changing around things I do, so I can possibly have the time to do that.

  3. I like your food choices, Trudi! Keep up the good work! :)